Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Foray in Forgery

Four years ago I was in charge of Art Cafe in my son's school. Art Cafe is a Art Literacy event where the school kids get to eat lunch in a cafe inspired by an artist featured in the program. Russian Wassily Kandinski was the lucky artist, and I thought it would be fun to make some copies of some of his paintings to hang in the cafe. We made giant Russian onion domes with orange, red and turquoise butcher paper to hang up on the walls and then I hung my paintings on them. I used el-cheapo acrylic craft paint on tagboard. I really had fun copying these paintings and getting into the choice of colors Wassily used. I learned a lot as I tried to copy his colors and drew the shapes. I think he must have had a lot of fun painting them.

I had little photos in books to work from, and the colors are actually closer to the original paintings(they are off because of lighting, the camera, yada yada)

So, my copy...Kandinski's original, Upwards
My copy...
Kandinski's original, Yellow, Red, Blue
My copy...

Kandinski's original, Grande Torre, Kiev

This one I cant find a pic of the original yet--

If you'd like to see some bigger pictures of Kandinski's work go here

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sneak Peaks for 2008

(Sorry, just can't get this pic to stand up straight) Sneak Peak of the back of a jacket for a book coming out next summer, Skein to Skein. Cascade 220 wool.
A pullover for Nashua Handknits Spring/Summer 2008 (also in cardi version) in Creative Focus Cotton.

A tee for Nashua Handknits Spring/Summer 2008 in "April" cotton.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Fall 2007 Knitter's Mag

Whew! I had a VERY full summer of knitting--16 sweaters, including this one below. Now it's time to work up a boatload of swatches! AND catch up on the blog...

Here's my son in the Canyon Ridge Vest that's in the Fall 2007 Knitter's Mag(he's trying to do the American Gothic thing with his gee-tar). The yarn was very nice to work with, and anything made from this yarn will wear well and look great for years.
I got the color pattern from a stripe design on an old Hopi basket. The basket was more of a round platter shape, and would be heaped with grains and gifts by the groom for the guests(I think). The pattern would make a nice pillow cover too, or placemats or a table runner. The repeat is only 4 stitches, so it would be easy to work into different sized ideas.

My Place in the Sun

My Place in the Sun

Ribular Hat and Mittens

Ribular Hat and Mittens
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Jambo Afghan

Jambo Afghan
Buy my pattern at Ravelry! (click pic!)

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