Monday, February 12, 2007

Design Scrapbook

Here are a few pages from my pile of design scrapbooks. I rip stuff out of catalogs and magazines, and file them in categories: tints, hues(these three examples), shades, black and white, ethnic, organic, modern art, rustic, indian, native american, product colorways, nature motifs, architecture, christmas. I'm looking for pattern and color, rather than seeing the thing as it is(why I left the bottom two upside down).

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Betty Jo said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I do the same thing, only my designs are not nearly as organized. I use my books especially when choosing color for my designs.

My Place in the Sun

My Place in the Sun

Ribular Hat and Mittens

Ribular Hat and Mittens
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Jambo Afghan

Jambo Afghan
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