Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kids Made This!

The coffeeshop is hung with art by local classrooms. These were my faves!

What a cool idea with buttons!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Design Scrapbook

Here are a few pages from my pile of design scrapbooks. I rip stuff out of catalogs and magazines, and file them in categories: tints, hues(these three examples), shades, black and white, ethnic, organic, modern art, rustic, indian, native american, product colorways, nature motifs, architecture, christmas. I'm looking for pattern and color, rather than seeing the thing as it is(why I left the bottom two upside down).

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Chicken Love

My sister's sweet mom-in-law sent me a beautiful towel she embroidered with a red chicken(looks just like my Buff Orpington--those are a beautiful butter yellow). My grandma also did a lot of this work. I love it! Of course I won't use it(I'll have to wash it with bottled water, we have rusty well water)--it hangs where I can see it and smile.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Split Personality

I've decided it would be easier for me to make two blogs, one for knitting and one for nature stuff: photos, art, poems, stuff. Soooo, if you like the nature stuff, go to There is also a link in the link list to the right. Thanks ever so much for visiting, and come over to DZ'z Whistle! Celeste

PS< TwoStix will stay with knitting and design. :0)

In the Beginning Was Pink, Part Two

I got a new Nikon D40, and I've been playing with it. This morning the pink was back, and it got it ;0). A quarter turn north from the sun...
And there's the sun with wings.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Old Leaves + Old Ice = Art

Down by the pond there are a few puddles that are hidden from the winter sun. The bowl of the pond area also gathers the cold air soup that settles each night. The puddle water from beneath the ice has evaporated or sunk into the ground, leaving the old ice above. I thought the colors were pretty in this jumble of old winter stuff.

Maple leaves froze into the ice, and air pockets follow the contours of the leaves. I like the delicate pinks of the leaves.

Old dried up algae scum makes pretty greens on old oak leaves. The edge of the ice looks like a map--a bay, penninsulas, islands.
I liked the holes. The ice is sitting a few inches above the leaves.

As the wind calms, the birds fly more in the open(when the wind is wild they make short hops through the trees). I saw 4 ravens fly over the firs. They were speaking to each other in that strange "cronk", and in the silence of no wind I could hear their wings moving through the dry air--a stiff, brushy snap of a japanese fan.

My Place in the Sun

My Place in the Sun

Ribular Hat and Mittens

Ribular Hat and Mittens
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Jambo Afghan

Jambo Afghan
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