Wednesday, January 17, 2007


A childhood friend, Lavonne, crocheted this lace for me as a wedding gift. I hung it on this window as a curtain because I like to look through it to the woods and sky beyond. Today we were in the clouds, and the mist simplified shapes into paper cutouts. Some shapes are just as delicate as this lace, like the twisty oaks branches and the feathery firs.
My eyes are used to seeing lots of detail and variations in the color of the skin of the forest--mosses, lichens, leaves, bark, a thousand greens and browns. It is refreshing to see things simply, to see only outlines. Everything is shades of one color--grey. Occasionally the sky would brighten with the flat white disc of the sun, letting me know the tops of the clouds and a brilliant blue sky were just beyond the treetops.
Each tree becomes an individual, and I can easily see how the tree uniquely fills its space. The mist dampens sound in the woods, it is very quiet. And yet the small noises of a bird seem amplified, more intimate and near. I can hear the first tap of the tip of a deer's hoof as it clips the snow.
This is Good Medicine.

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Iris said...

This is a beautiful post. So pretty, the pictures.

Funny, Gary Snyder's Practice of the Wild is on my nightstand as well! Only, it's been there quite awhile along with a pile of other books and things and hasn't been opened and read. I read it years ago when it first was published after seeing him read from it in Seattle. I think I could use a rereading to get a better perspective on things and try and slow things down a little. Good medecine, you know?
From, the chief woodchopper in this household as well. Problem is, there isn't any wood to split this year. We traded work for preseasoned and split wood and the rest was rounds too small to need splitting. As you must know, it's the best stress reliever and I've had to go without this year.
I'm going to go poke around in your archives now!

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