Saturday, January 27, 2007


January 13, 20’s all day, cloudy, occasional fine snow

I love being out in the cold air. It’s a dry cold and it feels so clean and healthy. Being out in it, walking or chopping wood, I feel like I’m breathing in a good medicine, purifying and cleansing. Out with the bad air, in with the good air; out with stale thoughts and clouded vision, in with new true thoughts and clear seeing, fresh and alive. This air doesn’t carry dust or smells, just a clean invigorating energy that wakes up all the senses, sharpens and fine tunes them. And then to look at the blanket of snow and realize it is made of uncountable snowflakes, each individual and unique in its account of the forces upon it as it traveled to earth. (I wonder if this air is part of the addiction of Alaska?)

And then there is the silence. Nothing moving, no wind. Occasionally the teeny tiny tink of fine snow flakes(or perhaps unsprouted snowflake seeds?) I hear them before I can see them.
Saw a red headed sapsucker peck a fencepost, its vermillion toupee vibrant against the winter-grey world. And then a Stellar’s blue jay, BLUE!

January 15

Tonight an arctic sunset(as I imagine it)--fire all along the horizon. The snow has “devolved” into sand, tiny glass balls. The snowflakes have lost their points. The snow evaporates during the day, yet grows again in the night as frost crystallizes from the thin air. The frost grows in long, tiny daggers.

January 16

Today the land is among the clouds. Fog, mist, ether. Freezing rain, then an inch of snow in the early morning. Quiet--not silence, but quiet, still small noises. A gentle bird whistle, a shift of a branch balancing its snow.

After noon the birds came out, calling to each other. Lots of bird tracks stitching everywhere(why are they walking so much, or do the tracks just reveal how much they do walk?). Curious thawing shapes in the pond, stars with arms shaped like roots branching outward.

January 26

A boldly wandering east wind makes the trees sing. I love to listen to it, and spend time outside chopping wood, walking, cleaning up the garden. The wind is cold, yet not-cold--as I work and warm up it all comes to a perfect balance of sweat and cool.

The coltsfoot is swelling with pale green knobs, daffodils and irises have begun pushing up their blades. Dovefoot geranium and miners’ lettuce have put up the first “seed leaf”, and also a tiny and delicate, yet headstrong first true leaf, even under the remaining rotten snow. Many deer out today, weaving the firs, flashing into the bush, as if the wind excites them to run for the heck of it. Buds reddening and swelling on the Indian Plum and catkin trees(birches, hazelnuts, alders). The swiss chard is shoving up new leaves.

Half moon skimming the treetops midday, bright overhead at night. The stars truly are like diamonds in the sky. Venus sits full and satisfied (a 50 carat diamond’s worth???)above the horizon in the long remnant red of dusk.

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Anonymous said...

To all in Blogland,

You need to know that when Celeste was a very little girl, our family was riding in the car on a very clear night. No talking, no radio, just enjoying the night. From the back seat came
"You know, stars are just little pieces of day!"

My love, Dad

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