Saturday, January 13, 2007

In the beginning was Pink

Every morning when the sun comes up naked, unveiled by clouds, there is a moment when the light and the air it travels through is a warm coral pink, everywhere and on everything. Today that pink was breathtaking on the snow. I had to run outside(because the light is that fast) to try to get a picture, but of course the camera couldn't even begin to get the pink. PINK--hibiscus pink, shell pink, grapefruit pink, rose pink, a fleeting, rare, surprising tropical summer tint in the middle of winter's black and white and shadow. This photo may look blue, but imagine a lush pink band along the horizon and glowing through the trees and upon the snow. The far hills to the west were glowing pink as well, pure pink on the snow. What the camera did get was the brilliant rays of the sun, so sharp and daggery. And then, just like that, the pink was gone. And the clouds rose up and hung above for the rest of the day.
Here's a shot of my "under 25 degrees outside/under 60 degrees in the house sweater". A fairisle in bulky wool, it's almost windproof. It's too hot to wear in any warmer conditions, but perfect in these last cooold days. An old scandinavian braid technique trims the collar and cuffs and hem, and it's long enough to cover my butt, and the sleeves go almost to my knuckles. "Just right" like Goldilocks said, for the weather I wear it in. I love it when I can make something(anything) that works well for the task it's needed for. And it's just right for walking in the snow, or chopping wood.


Betty Jo said...

What a gorgeous and interesting blog you have! I miss OR sooooo much. We lived in Corvallis for three years. We are in TN now, will be moving into the TN mountains in the spring. Can't wait to get back to the country. I've just started blogging, seriously, though there's not much to it yet. Hope you don't mind if I link you from my blog. Come for a visit when you can. :0)

Walter Jeffries said...

Great photo. I also love your sundial, the child on the wood ring on the stones!

Nancy (knitting wench) said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find you! Your photos are so evocative. Very beautiful. I know that pink light - magical. Here in SoCal I'm much too far from a landscape full of trees and marked by seasons. My DH promises that I get to choose the next location ... until then, I'll have to live vicariously.

Pantyhose and makeup. Let me guess, you weren't on the west coast toto! In my 20's I had a boss from OK who always told me how pretty I would be if I just wore some makeup. Funny, she just happened to sell Mary Kay. I'm sure your classes were inspirational to the less shallow majority.

I thought it was interesting too about ladies wanting Kaffe to "do more" on their quilts. I want my projects to be mine - good, bad or bland. Asking Kaffe to do the border is so out of character for me, and to be honest, I might not keep it. Yeah, I know, overriding Kaffe Fassett - my ego knows no bounds ;) Letting it percolate for now. I go to conferences and classes just to take in ideas and energy. I think there are loads of us this way, but those who want to be led by the hand are so darned vocal, so their squawking gets heard.

wyldthang said...

Tanks for writing everybody! The baby on the slab is me ;0). And yes Nancy I was in Washington DC(now THAT is the weirdest vibed town I've ever been in!).

I've really enjoyed Kaffe Fassett's ways with color through the years. I wish I could find a book of his paintings. They are just as colorful and have a lot of neat textiles.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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