Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sturm und Drang

("Storm and Stress"--German hoohaa for the volatile emotional life of the individual, deeply delved into by late 1700's artsy fartsy types.) The wind, coming full force straight in from the ocean over the coast range, blew all night and almost all day. Fierce steady rain drove against the windows and wind snagged on any edge it could find, shaking the house--fun!! Sometimes the wind sucks the fire right up the chimney, making it roar in the stove. You can see a little bit how the trees wave, especially the center tree in the three trees.

The firs are stiff, the oaks are more flexible. Each tree sways to their own rhythm designed by each one's particular structure, spread, weight and balance. Branches clack and squeek and whistle in a symphony of tones. Listen long enough and you can catch melody, harmony, themes and variations. A low roar, hum, growl rumbles through the woods. The forest gnashing its teeth--the hills here a giant piles of glacial rubble, rounded knobs of basalt. All those swinging trees are being rung down into their roots like tuning forks, grinding in that glacial bone pile. You can feel it through your feet.

John Muir had a great time riding in a swaying Douglas Fir during such a windstorm. You can read his story here:

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