Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Out for a Walk

Any journey, no matter how small, begins with stepping outside the front walk up the road... stop and look at stuff all along the way...the snow brings out the detail of the smallest branch in these oaks, a billowing curtain of clouds hides and reveals the far hills...
...sunlight makes bold shadows through the trees...
...up around the hill behind the house. I love to see the land with snow, basic forms of trees are made bold: the straight rooted "up" of fir, the meandering worm of oak, the small wiry wave of hazelnut and indian plum.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More Woohoo

Here's looking at, no I mean out, the back door. That's where the chickens live in their little bordello behind the shed. Although I can't call it a bordello anymore since the rooster expired last summer. A retirement home for biddies in their twilight years? That crosscut sawblade on the shed was dug up by the bulldozer when we were making the MX track. I also nail up bits of old cable and pulleys and iron things when I find them on our land.
I've found my Christmas tree! I think I'll let it live though. It's much prettier sparkling in the sunlight, snowy rainbow glitter drifting down as it warms it's branches in the sun.

Snow!!!! WooHoo!!!

We've gotten about 10" of pristine, glorious, sparkly snow(better than diamonds!) Here is the view from my front porch(to the southwest). Everything is covered, and the sun comes through the holes in the passing clouds to make every detail sharp with a pink morning light. The cats actually seem to love the snow, they are rolling in it and sit up all flocked. The kitten(who's never seen snow before), loves to bunny hop through the snow that's deeper than she is tall. She makes little snowballs and bats them around.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Today began, and keeps going on, with rain. Rain from the sky, rain dripping from the firs, rain soaking the moss(on ALL sides of the trees!). And I love it! Must be my Norwegian blood, remembering the foggy fjords—no wait, that was Puget Sound(I can still hear the foghorn). A perfect day for knitting by the fire!
Here’s a group of trendy motifs I’ve seen around Fall 2006: chunky embroidered MITTENS, with a GRUNGE-y marl(free pattern coming soon! The Two-Hour Mittens!), LEAVES, ACORNS, ANTLER(which I found freshly detached on a walk one day—they are dang hard to find!!), a swedish tea towel with red on white EMBROIDERY, gilded BIRDS. And a swatch for a group of designs(Alpine Family) in House of White Birches "Family Album of Knits" which came out this fall. This group includes a pullover for dad, mom, and girl, a boy’s vest, and a baby/toddler hoody—all with slightly different variations on the fairisle colorway. Great for a Christmas family portrait—next year! (In case you’re wondering, I had a month to knit them all).

And I couldn’t resist a cute kitty picture. Kitty #7 of my cat collection naps on a granny square blanket made from leftovers from the aforementioned projects.

I’ll keep shamelessly plugging along—Family Album also has my Pinto Pony hoody for baby/toddler(complete with ears and mane!), and a Christmas set of stocking, treeskirt and ornaments with dancing santas and reindeer(more norsky-ness!). Check it out! (thank you!)
Time for some Ovaltine and fire-poking. And knitting, of course!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

There's Gold in Them Thar Hills!!

Before last week's storms(with gusts of hurricane force winds) the big leaf maples were full of gold.

First a lemon gold on the hill behind the house...My own golden pond...
And all this gold comes out in a sweater for me! I had this mustard/buckskin Manos wool for 7-8 years, waiting for the right idea. When I buy yarn for myself, I buy color, and often it's that "weirdo" color that ends up an orphan. I had three skeins, and added the dark brown and ivory in either an old chunky Harrisville wool, or Bartlett--labels long gone. The mill end mystery fur yarn I bought at the now gone Robin and Russ Handweavers in McMinnville, Or. Now I wish I'd snapped up all the cones--it's great for a shearling look! I had to design around the three skeins of Manos, and was left with a few yards.

My Place in the Sun

My Place in the Sun

Ribular Hat and Mittens

Ribular Hat and Mittens
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Jambo Afghan

Jambo Afghan
Buy my pattern at Ravelry! (click pic!)

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